UMSO is a ministry and student organization of the United Methodist Church that can be found on the campus of Bowling Green State University.


We subscribe to Wesleyan theology and understand that not all people are at the same place spiritually. We pride ourselves in being a safe space where all questions are welcome and encouraged. This may mean a student is struggling with beliefs they have held their entire lives or maybe they are just now becoming open to the idea that there is a higher power.

We also challenge students to dig deeper in their faith and to take accountability for their growth in spirituality and discipleship. We ask the tough questions and are not afraid when differences of opinion show up in the room. 

We are a community that is inclusive to all, and we mean it. We are a safe place for discussion and disagreement and believe that controversy with civility can lead to growth in all parties involved.

We pursue having diverse perspectives in the room and value all races, cultures, and ethnicities. 

Unfortunately, not all churches or campus ministries are clear in what they are about. So we'll say it here. We believe that WOMEN and LGBTQ+ persons are equal in the eyes of God and allow all to be a part of leadership and have full inclusion of the church.


We do not believe that members of the LGBTQ+ community are sinful in their identity and therefore will never ask an individual to attempt to change their sexuality or identity. 

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